Thursday, February 11, 2010

11/02/2010 : 1934

Finally it's over. Four days in the Hell of Tests. There's still one more class to go tomorrow but it's fine. Knowing that we managed to finish some of the tests is really a relief. Now I can start thinking of playing DOTA and sleep early because I didn't have enough beauty sleep during the past 4 days. It's time for REVENGE!

CNY and Valentine's Day is coming. And I'm going back to Sabah on this coming Saturday. Can't wait. I'm so excited. This place is so damn hot that I need to get away and find a cooler spot to land my ass on. And Sabah is the most ideal place for that, especially my village. It's winter in my village. Hoho!

About Valentine's Day, what are you going to do? As for me, I'm going to celebrate Valentine's Day with someone extra special. My Mom! It's her birthday on Valentine's Day. Therefore, Valentine's Day is for you, each and every year Mom. Happy birthday. I forgot how old you are but it's fine because I don't even want to know. You're always young in my heart. 

Right now I'm listening to a very nice and touching song, introduced to me by Emi Sahida (my course mate). It's called Nadiku sung by Sabhi Saddi. It's a very touching song. I love it very very much. You should check it out.


Qarl said...

lagu theme TARI TIRANA tu fanzi

i tgh try nk dptkan his single album. ade 3 songs.. vocal die quite bgus

nkoy ur CNY

njoy with ur family especially ur mum

hv a safe journey k

Fanzi said...

lagu Nadiku tu best.. tringin nak nyanyi lagu tu utk show/pertandingan.. hehehe..

Anonymous said...

Hmmm..beshnya dpt blk rumah...:(

Dict MFG said...

Panj sa masuk beg ko la ya...klu x dapat masuk dalam cabin, masuk dalam cargo pun bole la.