Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Just when I thought that I could never do something, I was wrong.

When I was small, I used to dream of being a singer. I realized I could never do that because I'm just a kampung boy who's living in a simple house with simple family that prioritizes education. My late father was a headmaster and 4 of my siblings are also working in education field. So I thought, I must also become a teacher. It's in my blood.

But then, I found out later that teaching is not something that I'm passionate about. I love singing. I planned not to continue my study after Form 5 because I wanted to sing. However, it was just a plan, more like a stupid plan anyway. I know I have to have at least a degree because it's hard to find a good job without it.

Still, I went to One In A Million audition and managed to impress the judges (that's what they said). At that point, I was having a hard time deciding whether to go to KL to join the competition and become a singer or continue my study.

My heart told me to go to KL. "You have a talent, a huge talent that could actually change your life later. Just follow your dream. You want to be a singer, right?"

Yes, of course. Singing is my passion. Then my mind interrupted me. "There's no guarantee that you can survive in the music industry. It's a world of uncertainty. They'll kick you out when you're no longer needed. Please continue your study because that's the only thing that can change your life. Moreover, you're not stupid, you're smart. So think smart."

Therefore, I decided to continue my study. So here I am. Still studying. The funny thing is, among all degree programs that were offered, I chose TESL. Why? Maybe that's the best offer. Maybe teaching is my destiny. Although I'm not into it. Maybe, just maybe, it's in my blood.

What happened to singing? Singing is always my passion. I auditioned for AF but I didn't get it. I tried again but still, I had no luck. At that point, I thought that I should do this thing by my own. I don't really need AF or whatever reality TV singing competitions to make it happen. Moreover, I have 5 years contract with the government. So it's impossible for me to postpone my study just to join AF or whatsoever. 

I can do it myself. If Yuna can do it, I also can. Heee.

With the help of my family and some friends, I managed to finally record my own single. Thanks to Madam Lucy and Asmin Mudin (song composer and lyricist), the song Dua Cinta Menjadi Satu was formed. I'm just done with the voicing yesterday. Right now all I have to do is to wait for the song to be fully completed (mixed and mastered). 

For other people, this might sound so easy to do. But actually it doesn't. It's a very long hard process especially for people like me. It would be so much easier if I were rich. Unfortunately I'm not rich. However, I'm proud of what I've done and what I've achieved. I'm doing this because it's my passion. Hopefully it will work. 

This is just the beginning. More will come from me. Hopefully. Amin.


Qarl said...

InsyaAllah Fanzi

determination & passionate are very very important

juz an advice;

watever it is, make sure u manage to complete ur studies ok!

Dict MFG said...

Whatever you wish to do Funz, you have your friends' support :)

Anonymous said...

follow ur dream...

Nerojei said...

Best post ever. Embrace your dreams! Because dreams are what kept us awake.

luxperpetua said...

yeah.i'm gonna be your 1st die-hard fan. lol~