Friday, January 29, 2010

The Reflection of DOTA

So, my friend and I were playing DOTA one night. Usually we play DOTA every night. Because it’s like our favourite pass time activity. When the day gets boring, that’s what we do to save our lazy asses from the great suffer of boredom. And apparently, we get bored almost all the time. So, DOTA is the best solution.

Well, DOTA is one thing. The other thing is, while playing, my friend usually smokes. And the smoke gets in the air and enters my nose and gets into my lungs. Since I’m not a smoker, I’m gonna say that I hate it. It makes my hair and shirt stinks and also bad for my health. Not only my health. In fact, it’s bad for everyone. Lucky that he’s my friend. In fact, he’s my best buddy ever.  If he wasn’t my buddy, I swear he’ll get a 100kg smack on his face right away. The least he’ll get is the preview of my extremely disgusted face watching he sucks that filthy smoke into his body. Anyway, that’s not gonna happen because he’s my best friend. I mean, seriously, he’s almost like a perfect friend. He’s kind. He helped me so many times when I’m in economic trouble (mostly). He gives good advices on so many things for example sex, relationship etc etc. I love him (not in a gay way) as much as I do. But, when it comes to this cigarette thingy, I feel annoyed. I know it’s normal (I mean it’s not really a big deal) for people to smoke but as a person that does not like to smoke, like me, smokers can really put one in trouble. What I mean is, as for me, being surrounded by smoke from the cigarette really makes me feel not comfortable.

Well, my friend, if you are reading this, it does not mean that I hate you. If I hate you, I wouldn’t be doing this at the first place. It’s because I care for you. Okay? So, we’re cool right? Hee.
Let’s continue the story. Let’s just call my friend C. C stands for Cock. Hehehe. Well, after we finished playing, I asked him a question.

Me : C, what would you do if one day, I come to you and tell you that I have been diagnosed with a cancer?
C  : (Confused) What?
Me : What would you do if I come and tell you that I have a cancer due to high exposure of smoke from the cigarettes?
C  : What are you talking about?
Me : You know that cigarette smoke is dangerous, right?

Well, I’ve forgotten the whole conversation but C was kind of telling that it is not gonna happen. I told him that it is not impossible. Then he said that if someone is gonna get the disease, it would be him because he has been highly exposed to the smoke for he himself is a smoker. Well, that was not exactly what he said but I suggest it was kind of what he was trying to say. I tried to make him feel guilty by saying “You won’t feel sad if things like that happen to me, will you?” Then he went speechless. Not really. He said something but it was insignificant. It was clear to me that he did feel guilty. Gotcha! I know you love me buddy. Hehehe.

I’d love him to know that he’d make a perfect friend if he does not smoke. But I do know that no one is perfect. I still love him as friend eventhough he’s a smoker. Nothing can change that. But for your own sake, please stop smoking my friend.

The question that arises from this is, “What would it take for a smoker to turn into a non-smoker?” Hah! Jawab jgn x jawab. Hee. Well it’s late already. Gotta hit the bed now. Goodbye.


Anonymous said...

Aawww (Err...kinda) :P

iddinm said...

Good advice tapi rokok best tau

Fanzi said...

pengaruh negatif betul.. haiyaa..