Saturday, January 2, 2010

2009 Recap

I have to say, 2009 rocked my life. There was so many exciting things happened. Let's look back at 6 of the my BIG 2009 moments.

01. Was called to sing for the Ministry of Education's Concert in PWTC.

02. Was involved with Sugandoi. Met so many amazing people. It was awesome.

03. Recorded a song.

04. Assisted a cat giving birth.

05. Met so many new amazing friends.

06. Spent time with my mother longer than 1 day. 

My holidays were awesome. I got so many things prepared for me, so the holidays were never boring. Usually, I only spend half a day with my mother. During the holidays, I went back to my village to spend some time with her. I stayed there for 2 nights. I know it was such little time but I that's the least I could do. Until we meet again Mom. Wait for my next holidays.

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