Friday, January 29, 2010

Haha Huhu

Right now I’m listening to Lady Gaga’s Telephone featuring Beyonce. Love the song because it’s catchy and danceable. 27th January is the most important date in my life. I was born on that day. Last night (note that this post was actually typed on the 28th), my awesome friends surprised me with a birthday cake. It was so touching. It’s because the allowance was not in yet but they managed to buy a cake for me. I know, everyone was complaining on their poor condition without money. I didn’t hope for that to happen but it HAPPENED. I feel touched for the fact that they bought me a birthday cake in a time where all of us desperately needed money. THANK YOU so much my friends a.k.a housemates (Pai, Raf & Zuan). You guys are the BEST!

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