Sunday, January 24, 2010

Whoa! Whaddup?

Oh God. It's been really a long time. I'm not busy (at least for now) it's just that I don't have the chance to stay online longer than I usually do. Writing a blog usually takes about 30 minutes for me yet I only have like 15 minutes spent on the internet. Well, there's nothing I can do about that because even right now I'm illegally using someone else's broadband. While they are out doing their business, I took the opportunity to use their broadband lah.

Well, life's quite boring now. Not busy yet. I'm not exactly waiting for those busy moments to come. When it comes later, I'd be missing this life that I'm in now - this boring life. If it's not busy, then it's boring. Oh, sounds so dull and desperate I might say. I have so many plans this semester but they are all postponed due to poor economic condition. The allowance is 'nowhere to be found'. It's still somewhere out there and I desperately need them to knock and enter my bank account's door. Please, please, please those who are in charge of this allowance thingy, do your job as fast as possible. Because you might don't know who have you killed out there. I know I sound so desperate that's because I AM. I'm looking forward to get it tomorrow. Amin.

What else? Hm, just sharing, I joined Commercial Music. I think it is kinda fun. But Mr Razin seems quite fierce. I hope Fara's right. I hope he's 'fierce-ing' just to make us kinda 'scurrrred'. I like what Fara had mentioned, "Alaa, PROPA je tu. Sebenarnya dia baik." Again, I hope you're right Fara. I'm f****** hoping you're right because if he doesn't, Commercial Music would be no fun at all. And I'm so gonna get out from the class. But I do think he's a nice fella. I think Fara's right. P/S: Wow, just noticed that I've repeated 'FARA IS RIGHT' so many times. Redundant. Annoying (not). Hehe.

Oh, I think this broadband's owner is here. God, don't wanna be caught up using his broadband. Gotta go now. Bye. See you again soon.

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