Friday, January 29, 2010

Of Mice & Men

I bet many of you guys (who are reading this) will have that big question mark popped in front of your face, well maybe not. I actually just came back from Literature And Media lecture taught by the American lecturer, Mr Kieran (I hope I spell his name correctly). During the class, we watched ‘Of Mice And Men’ and discussed about it.

He asked us what’s the significance of the title with the storyline. Therefore, from that point of discussion, we went on and on until he explained that the title is actually a line or a phrase taken from the poem entitled ‘To A Mouse’ (if I’m not mistaken). Then he explained about ALLUSION.  Alussion is a reference to another well-known piece of literature or sacred text. So, he explained about the origin of the title and concluded that the whole point of ‘Of Mice And Men’ is about when things in life don’t go the way we expected or in simpler words, the mystery of life. It ain’t easy to know what’s gonna happen in the future, unless, of course it has a smell.

So, what is it that makes life so unpredictable? I ain’t got no answer for this. But I got one thing to share here. When it doesn’t go the way you want to, sometimes you just have to laugh. For example, just now when I got in the bus after the class has ended, I accidentally knocked my head (in the funny way) on something. It was UNEXPECTED. It’s one of the many many unexpected things that happen to many of us in our daily life, right? Anyway, it was embarrassing because people in the bus were watching. So, to cover myself up, I laughed so loudly. I didn’t feel much of the embarrassment after that. I know that it’s really embarrassing to accidentally knock your head with so many eyeballs watching. However, people sometimes consider it to be funny. Why not join them and laugh about it? At least you’ll feel less embarrassed. It works on me so I bet it works on other people too (hopefully). My point here is, view life positively. When life gives you lemon, make lemonade. Right?

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syam said...

when life gives u lemon, u make lemon tree! haha...teda2.