Friday, January 29, 2010

The Reflection of DOTA

So, my friend and I were playing DOTA one night. Usually we play DOTA every night. Because it’s like our favourite pass time activity. When the day gets boring, that’s what we do to save our lazy asses from the great suffer of boredom. And apparently, we get bored almost all the time. So, DOTA is the best solution.

Well, DOTA is one thing. The other thing is, while playing, my friend usually smokes. And the smoke gets in the air and enters my nose and gets into my lungs. Since I’m not a smoker, I’m gonna say that I hate it. It makes my hair and shirt stinks and also bad for my health. Not only my health. In fact, it’s bad for everyone. Lucky that he’s my friend. In fact, he’s my best buddy ever.  If he wasn’t my buddy, I swear he’ll get a 100kg smack on his face right away. The least he’ll get is the preview of my extremely disgusted face watching he sucks that filthy smoke into his body. Anyway, that’s not gonna happen because he’s my best friend. I mean, seriously, he’s almost like a perfect friend. He’s kind. He helped me so many times when I’m in economic trouble (mostly). He gives good advices on so many things for example sex, relationship etc etc. I love him (not in a gay way) as much as I do. But, when it comes to this cigarette thingy, I feel annoyed. I know it’s normal (I mean it’s not really a big deal) for people to smoke but as a person that does not like to smoke, like me, smokers can really put one in trouble. What I mean is, as for me, being surrounded by smoke from the cigarette really makes me feel not comfortable.

Well, my friend, if you are reading this, it does not mean that I hate you. If I hate you, I wouldn’t be doing this at the first place. It’s because I care for you. Okay? So, we’re cool right? Hee.
Let’s continue the story. Let’s just call my friend C. C stands for Cock. Hehehe. Well, after we finished playing, I asked him a question.

Me : C, what would you do if one day, I come to you and tell you that I have been diagnosed with a cancer?
C  : (Confused) What?
Me : What would you do if I come and tell you that I have a cancer due to high exposure of smoke from the cigarettes?
C  : What are you talking about?
Me : You know that cigarette smoke is dangerous, right?

Well, I’ve forgotten the whole conversation but C was kind of telling that it is not gonna happen. I told him that it is not impossible. Then he said that if someone is gonna get the disease, it would be him because he has been highly exposed to the smoke for he himself is a smoker. Well, that was not exactly what he said but I suggest it was kind of what he was trying to say. I tried to make him feel guilty by saying “You won’t feel sad if things like that happen to me, will you?” Then he went speechless. Not really. He said something but it was insignificant. It was clear to me that he did feel guilty. Gotcha! I know you love me buddy. Hehehe.

I’d love him to know that he’d make a perfect friend if he does not smoke. But I do know that no one is perfect. I still love him as friend eventhough he’s a smoker. Nothing can change that. But for your own sake, please stop smoking my friend.

The question that arises from this is, “What would it take for a smoker to turn into a non-smoker?” Hah! Jawab jgn x jawab. Hee. Well it’s late already. Gotta hit the bed now. Goodbye.

Of Mice & Men

I bet many of you guys (who are reading this) will have that big question mark popped in front of your face, well maybe not. I actually just came back from Literature And Media lecture taught by the American lecturer, Mr Kieran (I hope I spell his name correctly). During the class, we watched ‘Of Mice And Men’ and discussed about it.

He asked us what’s the significance of the title with the storyline. Therefore, from that point of discussion, we went on and on until he explained that the title is actually a line or a phrase taken from the poem entitled ‘To A Mouse’ (if I’m not mistaken). Then he explained about ALLUSION.  Alussion is a reference to another well-known piece of literature or sacred text. So, he explained about the origin of the title and concluded that the whole point of ‘Of Mice And Men’ is about when things in life don’t go the way we expected or in simpler words, the mystery of life. It ain’t easy to know what’s gonna happen in the future, unless, of course it has a smell.

So, what is it that makes life so unpredictable? I ain’t got no answer for this. But I got one thing to share here. When it doesn’t go the way you want to, sometimes you just have to laugh. For example, just now when I got in the bus after the class has ended, I accidentally knocked my head (in the funny way) on something. It was UNEXPECTED. It’s one of the many many unexpected things that happen to many of us in our daily life, right? Anyway, it was embarrassing because people in the bus were watching. So, to cover myself up, I laughed so loudly. I didn’t feel much of the embarrassment after that. I know that it’s really embarrassing to accidentally knock your head with so many eyeballs watching. However, people sometimes consider it to be funny. Why not join them and laugh about it? At least you’ll feel less embarrassed. It works on me so I bet it works on other people too (hopefully). My point here is, view life positively. When life gives you lemon, make lemonade. Right?

Haha Huhu

Right now I’m listening to Lady Gaga’s Telephone featuring Beyonce. Love the song because it’s catchy and danceable. 27th January is the most important date in my life. I was born on that day. Last night (note that this post was actually typed on the 28th), my awesome friends surprised me with a birthday cake. It was so touching. It’s because the allowance was not in yet but they managed to buy a cake for me. I know, everyone was complaining on their poor condition without money. I didn’t hope for that to happen but it HAPPENED. I feel touched for the fact that they bought me a birthday cake in a time where all of us desperately needed money. THANK YOU so much my friends a.k.a housemates (Pai, Raf & Zuan). You guys are the BEST!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Schedule + My Birthday

Well take a look at my schedule for this semester. Looks like I have to go to the faculty everyday. Don't really like it but gotta live through it. The subjects, they all sound 'hard and tough'. Need to get in the DL this semester. It's a MUST. If I don't get it, what to do lah. Haha. I do not sound serious. Need to set my mind right. Focus. Focus.

Well, my birthday is coming. I'm kinda scared. I'm scared because I know my friend will be doing a stupid prank on me during my birthday. They have never failed to do that to the other friends during their birthday. The least is you'll get a free shower of stinky mixture of liquid. Please my dear friends, kindly shower me when I'm not wearing my favourite outfit. Wait till I've changed into my ugly outfit then only you can attack me. I don't care. Oh God, 27th January is coming. God, make it slower. It's still too early for me to turn 22. Hee.

Whoa! Whaddup?

Oh God. It's been really a long time. I'm not busy (at least for now) it's just that I don't have the chance to stay online longer than I usually do. Writing a blog usually takes about 30 minutes for me yet I only have like 15 minutes spent on the internet. Well, there's nothing I can do about that because even right now I'm illegally using someone else's broadband. While they are out doing their business, I took the opportunity to use their broadband lah.

Well, life's quite boring now. Not busy yet. I'm not exactly waiting for those busy moments to come. When it comes later, I'd be missing this life that I'm in now - this boring life. If it's not busy, then it's boring. Oh, sounds so dull and desperate I might say. I have so many plans this semester but they are all postponed due to poor economic condition. The allowance is 'nowhere to be found'. It's still somewhere out there and I desperately need them to knock and enter my bank account's door. Please, please, please those who are in charge of this allowance thingy, do your job as fast as possible. Because you might don't know who have you killed out there. I know I sound so desperate that's because I AM. I'm looking forward to get it tomorrow. Amin.

What else? Hm, just sharing, I joined Commercial Music. I think it is kinda fun. But Mr Razin seems quite fierce. I hope Fara's right. I hope he's 'fierce-ing' just to make us kinda 'scurrrred'. I like what Fara had mentioned, "Alaa, PROPA je tu. Sebenarnya dia baik." Again, I hope you're right Fara. I'm f****** hoping you're right because if he doesn't, Commercial Music would be no fun at all. And I'm so gonna get out from the class. But I do think he's a nice fella. I think Fara's right. P/S: Wow, just noticed that I've repeated 'FARA IS RIGHT' so many times. Redundant. Annoying (not). Hehe.

Oh, I think this broadband's owner is here. God, don't wanna be caught up using his broadband. Gotta go now. Bye. See you again soon.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

to all my friends.

All the best.
May God bless us.
Peace, no war.

2009 Recap

I have to say, 2009 rocked my life. There was so many exciting things happened. Let's look back at 6 of the my BIG 2009 moments.

01. Was called to sing for the Ministry of Education's Concert in PWTC.

02. Was involved with Sugandoi. Met so many amazing people. It was awesome.

03. Recorded a song.

04. Assisted a cat giving birth.

05. Met so many new amazing friends.

06. Spent time with my mother longer than 1 day. 

My holidays were awesome. I got so many things prepared for me, so the holidays were never boring. Usually, I only spend half a day with my mother. During the holidays, I went back to my village to spend some time with her. I stayed there for 2 nights. I know it was such little time but I that's the least I could do. Until we meet again Mom. Wait for my next holidays.