Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What I Need

What am I doing here?

I wasn't supposed to be here at this time.

I have an exam tomorrow at 2 o'clock and I HAVEN'T read anything.

I tried to read but I always ended up closing my eyes and stay shut for about 30 minutes on my bed.


But I just couldn't give a damn about it.

Okay, I think I need to start giving a damn about it. That lightning kinda hurts. 


I guess I need my brother here. He was the one who pressured me to study all this while and without him I guess my brain just won't start working.

I need force. I need pressure. If not, I'll stay like this forever. 



Hmm. Still here. Stagnant. Not moving. 


Guess what? 

I'll just, you know, sleep.

Yours sincerely,


miserable life said...

study la wey!!!
ndapa... baca point2 penting ja.
sbb last minute suda kan...
jgn confident ja besuk..
jwb smua soalan tu penting!

Qarl said...


g lepak2 dgn dak2 yg terror

suh die membebel kat u

it works

Dewi Batrishya said...

XMo Blaja? Bagus La..
Pasni tanam anggur..
Jual kat Pasar Ranau..
Pastu bagi nyanyi kat kebun teh..
Mesti best KAN???////

Fanzi said...

business bgs ma Dewey.. hehe..