Tuesday, April 27, 2010

MAS Travel Facebook Birthday Bash @ Ministry of Sound - EUPHORIA

Hi peeps.

What's up?

On the 24th of April, my friends and I went to the Ministry of Sound - EUPHORIA @ Sunway Lagoon Resort for the MAS Travel Facebook Birthday Bash. My friend told me about that event and since I didn't have anything to do, I decided to join them. 

This event was organized to celebrate MAS Travel first anniversary on Facebook. Yeay!

Ministry of Sound - EUPHORIA @ Sunway Lagoon is one of the leading hot spots in the Klang Valley created by the Ministry of Sound as a revolutionary brand to showcase the finest dance music entertainment for the 21st century.

EUPHORIA presents dance music enthusiasts access to the Club's vast forms of music, world class DJs, global tours, events and an international dance club experience that is enhanced by the pinnacle of a custom designed sound system.

EUPHORIA incorporates a production-heavy approach with theatrical dynamics to deliver the best genres of contemporary dance music within its twin-scene layout - EUPHORIA: The main room on Mezzanine and First Level, while ground level is embodied by THE DEQ, a Balearic-type music bar with an outdoor lounge, allowing for two different genres of music to be featured simultaneously.


  1. There are 118 speakers in EUPHORIA to ensure the brilliant sound is audible everywhere (except the bathrooms, of course!)
  2. Its sound system comprises over 100000 watts, the same amount of power could lift a small aircraft.
  3. DJ booth has more controls than the cockpit of a 747 aircraft. 10 individual computers are dedicated to operating sound, lighting and cranes.
  4. 2 fully vibrating dance floors - this adds another dimension to the powerful sound and amazing lights, and is a definite first for Malaysia.
  5. The sound insulation could cover the Surf Wave Pool at the Theme Park, or a soccer field, not only for better sound quality but to prevent noise pollution to the outside world.
  6. The electric cabling can stretch from here to KLIA and back, to drive sound, light and equipment.
  7. They also have an American Express Train 5 tone air horn and an American Emergency Services multi-use siren to further add effect and excitement.

The party started around 4 p.m. We went there as early as we could and registered. We got our pink EUPHORIA wristband and went inside. 

Inside, we were interviewed by the reporter / journalist (whoever she is). It was fun. The photographer took our picture and told us that it would be published in Star Metro soon. I'm looking forward to read it later. Haha!

The show started around 6 p.m (if I'm not mistaken), hosted by Qi.

For those who don't know who he is, his real name is Qushairi Mohamed Razali. He is the host of Destinasi Bajet, the hit travelogue series. He is also one of the stars in Blogger Boy, an 8TV's television series. 

Actually I didn't know him until my friends told me about him. He's nice and very friendly. We took some pics together. We were all very starstrucked although I didn't know him at first. Haha!

The party was great. The only sad thing was there were only a few people came but it didn't make the show less happening. The show was awesome and happening. Thanks so much to the free gifts - t-shirts, hats and bags and also free tickets to interesting places such as Bali, Cebu, Jakarta etc - and the host, Qi for making the show an interesting and fun one. One more thing, there should be a cake since it was a birthday bash but I didn't see one. I wonder who ruined the cake? LOL.

Oh, I must mention this: My friend, Rafail won a free 2-way ticket to Cebu, Philippines. Woooot! Awesome right? You were lucky that night, my friend. I still couldn't forget the way you jumped and screamed upon hearing your name was announced. Haha! Anyway, congrats!

Well, the night was rocked by awesome performances from Joanna & Co, One Buck Short, Pop Shuvit, Altimet, Dejavoodoo Spells and Joe Flizzow with his new artist Sona (I think that's his name. Sorry if I got it wrong).

The show ended at 9 p.m and we were hungry. We headed to Pizza Hut and after we've finished eating, we went back. In conclusion, the event was awesome mainly because it's free (we got free tickets), they gave us free stuff such as t-shirts, hats etc and the HOT performances. I really really love Altimet and Pop Shuvit. They rocked the stage. Congrats to the other performers as well. They did awesome too. 

Here are some of the pics that we managed to take. Credits to Rafail for the pics.

Joanna & Co

Qi and One Buck Short

Dejavoodoo Spells

Joe Flizzow

Pop Shuvit

The host, Qi and I

I'm looking for more event like this. Have I mentioned that I was at Starpoint Hotel, attending their Secretary Week event? No? Well, I was there but I'm not going to blog about it. I'm keeping it only for myself. Haha! Anyway, my life is a bit hectic now but I love it. My first exam paper is on the 28th of April and I haven't read anything yet. Gosh, need to start reading. Gotta go now. 

So happy I got the t-shirt. Yeay!

Thanks MAS for the great time. You are the best!

Yours sincerely,


Dewi Batrishya said...

I knew about it like Last minute oredi!
So didn't go.. :( Sad.. Sad..

Fanzi said...

You could have gone there..
Mcm Carol pun last minute jugak..
Nnt kalo ada lg kita pg ramai2.. =)

Anonymous said...

Wow best!

I didn't know about it at all...0_0

Anonymous said...

xsuke mos... xleh duduk n xleh smoke.. !!

Fanzi said...

penat bdiri kan.. tp sy sokong yg no smoking tu.. hihihih..