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I'm so glad today I have the chance to sit and relax and update my blog. I've been busy lately. The aftermath of WCOPA: I become friends with a few artists / celebrities / singers or whoever they are and as an artist, they are always on the go. Since I'm part of the club now (I'm not an artist, just their friend), I have the chance to experience a glimpse of their life which is fun. But seriously, it is very tiring. Imagine you have to go here and there in one day and you'll only be able to sleep for like 3 or 4 hours. It's insane!

Well, forget about that. I just can't wait to share my experience on our (my friends and I) trip to The Historic City of Malacca. 

I have to agree, the place is amazing. I'm amazed with the buildings. They all look very ancient and I just LOVE IT! I felt like I was in Hang Tuah and Hang Li Po's time. We stayed there for 3 days and 2 nights.


We started our journey from Section 17 Shah Alam to Malacca. I was asleep in the bus during the whole two-hour journey. When I woke up, I found out that we were already there. We then took a cab and headed straight to our guest house (I'm so sorry I forgot it's name). After that, we went out to eat and checked out the shopping malls. Dewi, Pai and I watched Kick Ass. The story was shockingly violent. I seriously thought that the movie was a U rated movie. Well, I thought wrong. Kids are not recommended to watch Kick Ass. And after that we wandered around Jonker Street and went back to our guest house at around 2 o'clock (if I'm not mistaken). 


The second day was a sight-seeing and shopping day. We visited all the historical buildings and after the long journey under the hot sun, we stopped at the riverside to cool ourselves down while eating the super-sweet and delicious cendol. Cendol was exactly what we need to continue our fight with the hot sun. After we've finished sight-seeing and cam-whoring, we went shopping. The only item that I bought was a key chain. It's enough for me to remember that I was in Malacca. 


It was time to back to Shah Alam. I was again asleep throughout the two-hour bus journey to Shah Alam. Hehe.

Pictures speak louder than words, right? So [CLICK] if you want to see the pics.

P/S: I've mentioned about Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair before. [CLICK] for pics.

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Whoa.. Whoa.. Nice Pics! ekekeke.. ^^

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