Tuesday, April 13, 2010

WCOPA Final At Istana Budaya

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Wow, it has been a while. This blog needs to be cleaned up. Dust bunnies are everywhere. *sneeze*

In this entry, I'll share about my experience of joining WCOPA.

Last week, I was extremely busy with WCOPA (World Championship of Performing Arts) competition. The semifinal was on the 7th of April and the final was on the 10th.


It was held at Jalan Conlay, Amphitheater Seri Utama, Komplek Kraftangan, Kuala Lumpur. It was first time going to that place and I had lost a few times because I did not know the way. Luckily, I managed to reach the place. 

During the semifinal, I sang To Where You Are - Josh Groban and Mercy - Duffy. The competition was intense. The other contestants were very good. They were awesome. I felt very small during the competition. We had to stay there until 1 o'clock in the morning for the results announcement which was indeed very tiring. Honestly, I didn't think the judges would select me to compete in the final, but they did. I was shocked but I'm thankful. I was extremely happy and excited because I could get to perform at Istana Budaya. I've been dreaming of singing on that stage ever since I went there to watch the theater ANTARA last month.  

Thanks so so much to Haiqal, Adi Luqman, Syafiq and Amir Rayyan for their support during the semifinal. You guys are like the best supporter I have ever had. Thank you so much. 

P/S: Lain kali kalo korang ada event/show apa-apa, bagitau la. Insyaallah saya datang support.


The moment I have been waiting for. But it wasn't as smooth as I thought it would be. Initially I wanted to sing Contigo En La Distancio as suggested by Haiqal. But I had to change the song because one of the contestants had already picked the song. And then I wanted to sing Mercy but it was also taken. I didn't have much time to choose a song. With Rizu's help, I decided to sing Still Got The Blues. It was a good song but I did not have enough time to practice.

I'm surprised that I did not feel nervous at all during the final. I was very nervous and terrified during the semifinal. I guess it was because I did not expect to win. I just wanna sing and have fun. To be selected to compete with many other talented people in the final was good enough for me. At that point, winning was not my priority. I just wanna sing and have fun and gain experience.

Although I didn't make it to Hollywood, I am proud of myself for reaching this far. In addition, I met so many wonderful people. By the way, congratulations to Iz Sulaini, Shila and Cheryl Koh for winning the medal. Do the best in Hollywood.

The opening

Yeay, I'm on the stage

Iz Sulaini on the stage

Nini on the stage

I'm waiting for my turn to sing

It's me on the stage

Nadia with her powerful voice

Cheryl Koh on the stage

Jasper on the stage

Shila is singing her own song

My man, Rizu on the stage yo!

Nabil on the stage

Azmir Arif on the stage

Rachel on the stage

Dewi and I

With Rizu

With Tom (Raja Farah)

Cheryl Koh

Iz Sulaini


Happy for the winners


  • Rizu - You are always the best. Keep on singing. I pray for your success. Call la kalo ada show. Insyaallah saya datang.

  • Iz Sulaini - Congrats dude for winning the medal. Make us proud okay. Buy me ole-ole from Hollywood. *wink*

  • Shila - Work it girl! All the best. Best la ckp Sabah dgn ko. *wink* Do the best in Hollywood. Make us proud.

  • Nadia - You're such a nice girl. All the best. Keep on singing. Your voice rocks!

  • Nini - All the best. Keep in touch okay.

  • Jasper - Woohoo, dude. You blow me away with your voice. Fuh!

  • Dewi - I hate the fact that you are so tall. *wink* All the best okay. Keep in touch.

  • Azmir Arif - So proud of you. I really-really like your voice. Thanks for the CD.

  • Nabil Zamanhuri - Your performance rocks! Teach me how to dance like MJ please. *wink*

  • Cheryl Koh - The sweetest girl ever. You are extremely talented my little friend. I still think that you are a 30 year old woman trapped in a 14 year old girl's body. Hehe. Do the best in Hollywood. I'll pray for you.

  • Rachel Ang - The Barbie Doll of the group. All the best. Keep on singing.

Thanks to Dior, Zwen, Nabil, Gabriel, Nazir and all for making my day throughout WCOPA. Keep in touch guys.

Big thanks to Pai, Mimi, Ikram, Izzati, Haiqal, Azad and everyone else who came that night to support. I really really appreciate that. 

P/S: Haiqal, sorry tak dpt jumpa after show. Banyak benda nak kena settle. Anyway, thanks so much okay. Kirim salam dengan kawan-kawan lain yang datang.

To see more pics [CLICK].

It was indeed an awesome experience. Thanks to all. Now I can go back to my study. Hm, boring. 

Yours truly,


Dewi Batrishya said...

Huwaaaaa!! Siokk!! Wanna watch on TV!! XD

syam said...

i was trying hard to take pictures of winners facing the camera...at least muka nmpak la cikit ..but tia dpt coz u know la the cam..bgegar sikit ..urg bgerak pun blur. hahaha :P (hint for pai to get new lens hahahahah) jk!

anyhow, wud love to congratulate u for being selected as one of the finalists. u didnt win but its a big stepping stone right? its a platform for u to go further. and i know u can do it!

p/s: nnt ada awal lg..ko bgtau sy ah! wahahahaha!!!!

Mr NAEmnzr said...

CONGRTAS fanzi.proud of u.

unluckly, i already on train a day b4 when haiqal called n told me tht he got tix to istana budaya to watch u perform.hmmm...nvm.

proud of u as u reached tht far!
take care.
I am FANzi.

Anonymous said...

Congrats for managed to get dis far! :) Sorry didn't attend dat nite.

If the performances r oredi uploaded in da UTube, sound2 ar! :P

Qarl said...


it's ok

all d best in d future

insyaAllah, sbgai teman, i & yg lain akan terus doakan & support u

Gabriel Fairuz Louis said...

eventho u didnt make it to hollywood, but i'm stil ur big fan. love ur deep voice!!! anyway, i had so much fun spending time with n the other contestants!!!