Sunday, April 18, 2010

Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair At Berjaya Times Square

Fuh! Awesomeness!

Yesterday, I went to Berjaya Times Square for the Deodorant Street Fair organized by Gatsby. It was awesome. I love all the games but I'm a bit disappointed because there was no Sumo Wrestling game. I was actually waiting to play that. However, thank God they have the Gladiator game. It was fun. I hit my friend so hard like he's my worst enemy. Hehe.

One more awesome part of the event was the lucky draw. I tell you, the prizes were insane. I was really-really hoping to win the Ferrari laptop or the Canon Digital Camera but as usual, I'm extremely unlucky when it comes to lucky draw. Therefore, I just watched all the prizes and the winners with the sad look on my face because I wanted those stuff too. But never mind, there's always next time. I hope Gatsby will organize this event more often so that my chances of winning the lucky draw is bigger. Haha.  

Anyway, my friends and I took a lot of pics. I'll upload it later in the next post. Today, I'm going to Melaka. It's Cuti-cuti Malaysia time.

Gotta go now. I'll update later.

Yours truthfully,


Merryn said...

I was there too :D

Fanzi said...

really? we could've met..

Qarl said...

i pengguna loreal! HAHA

syam said...

lol sempat lg.

||| PöJìé PööH ||| said...

sempat la tgur kamu walaupun sekejap ;p