Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Winner of ANTM Cycle 16 is ... HOT!

Source: The CW
Finally, the show has finally come to its end ... for this cycle. So, the winner for ANTM Cycle 16 is Brittani Kline. I think she's awesome. I like her.

"Doesn't matter where you're from or how you're raised or what you have to go through, you can do whatever you want if you just put your mind into it. I was really close to giving up. Don't ever do that because whenever you're about to give up, something great really really happens."

Brittani Kline [ANTM Cycle 16 Winner]


Aman Ibrahim said...

it was a hard decision between them coz i like both but more to Molly. I was expected her to win coz the look she have very elegant but.. oh well, congratulation to Brittani Kline.

love this entry

ilman hizami said...

I was almost as nervouse as they were. But Im Happy britt won coz she deserved to be happy after all she'd gone through.