Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tadau Kaamatan: The Controversial Winner - UN Penampang

First of all, I have nothing against UN Penampang. I put that title only to grab your (UN fans) attention. Sorry for that. Still, the result was indeed controversial. So many people disagree with the result. They said that the result was uncalled for. They said she (UN Penampang) should not win because she messed up during the Q&A session. However, I believe in what we call as 'fortune'. She won because she could win. Period. Although it's sad that my favourite contestant - UN Ranau didn't win but I'm thankful that she was placed in the top 4. Congratulations! She's my favourite because she's really pretty and smart too.

My favourite contestant
UN Ranau - Sophie Angela Kutam
Photo: GOGDS Photography

For those who didn't get my story, I was actually reflecting back on the Unduk Ngadau competition. It's a culturally-based beauty pageant that is held every year during the Tadau Kaamatan Festival or Harvest Festival on the 31st of May. The Unduk Ngadau (UN) is the highlight of the festival.

The Kaamatan has just ended few hours ago. I hope I'll live long enough to witness the wonderful colours of Kadazan Dusun Murut culture next year.


kyoo reza said...

ranau also my faveret after likas..huhuhu

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