Monday, June 20, 2011

Jazz Festival @ Sutera Harbor KK

Last weekend, KK Jazz Festival was held at Sutera Harbor. It was my first time attending this kind of event. What can I say about it? It was amazing. The night after I won the Sugandoi PERTISA, Mdm Lucy and I went to witness the awesomeness of this event. 

There were so many people, mostly Chinese and orang putih and some locals too. The event was 'coloured' by some of the best performers such as Lucky, Z Yan, Juzzie Smith, Benny Lackner Trio, Spice of Tones, APU, Agung Beat, Dayang Noraini etc. Among all the performances, the one that caught my attention was Juzzie Smith's superb performance. Known as a one-man band, he played all the music instruments all by himself. 

What else can I say about him? He's such an amazing harmonica player. He's absobloominglutely fantabulous. 5 shining stars for him.

There, I felt like a rich person because I was surrounded by rich people (They are probably rich, I think, because they look like one). Walaupun saya bukan orang kaya, tapi at least saya experience perasaan berada dalam golongan orang kaya. Harap-harap dapat sikit aura diorang. Insyaallah suatu hari nanti saya akan jadi kaya. Amin.

Yang best tentang festival ni ialah tiada 'pilak' yang buat kacau sebab event ni bukan open event. Untuk masuk ke dalam arena, pengunjung kena beli tiket yang berharga RM60. Saya tidak kisah lah mahal sebab event ni memang ada kelas. 

Kalau ada lagi event macam ni di masa akan datang, I'll definitely go and be part of the awesomeness. Oh, have I told you that the event was hosted by Serena C? She was just behind me during the Lucky Draw session. She's so pretty.

This is a short video recording while APU is performing. It was really happening. Most of the guests stood up and dance together with the music at the end of the performance.