Monday, August 3, 2009


Well, this is actually not a recent news. Just wanna share my happiness with you guys.

Last month, God added 2 new members in our family. New babies. One is a boy and the other is a girl. One is Tuya's 1st daughter and the other one is Tugou's 4th son. The girl was having a bit of a problem during her birth. But in the end, it was OK. Thank God for letting them out from their 'nest' safely without killing their mother. Summing up, now I have exactly 10 anak-buahs. 4 boys and the rest are girls.

Unfortunately, I forgot their birthdays. Ouch! I am such a bad uncle. I suck at remembering dates. I'll ask my sisters about their birthdays later.

"Any photo of them?" Is that what you're asking?

Well, my nephew was born after I departed to Shah Alam, therefore I don't have any of his photo. Luckily, I do have some photos of my new niece. Wait, she has a name, but I forgot (bad uncle). I'll call my sis later and ask for the name. Hehe~ If I'm not mistaken, the name is Lisa, I think. I'll stick with that name until further notice. =P

Anyway, these are pics of my niece. She's very tiny, so cute. Don't forget to take an extra look at her legs.

And here she is ~ Lisa

Look at her tiny head

Quietly sleeping

Look at her tiny leg. Cute 'arms'

She's doing the penguin

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