Monday, August 3, 2009

The Blanket Poem

I wrote a poem specially for my mother. She has not read this yet. But I hope she will love this poem. My mother does not speak English but i'm definitely sure that she will understand how much she means to me after reading this, even if she did not understand the poem. Dear mother, I love you so so much. I'm sure you'll understand when I say, "I love you very strong mother."

My Blanket

She kissed

He hugged

They caressed

They were the ones

Who became one

I live

In her

I feel safe

I feel warm

I wonder how she feels

I breathe

Under her

I feel nice

I wonder if she feels good

She’s my blanket,

I peed on her, when I was small

But no matter how bad the reek

It’s always nice to be near her

She’s my blanket

She makes it hot under her, sometimes

I throw her away for I can’t stand the heat

But I know

I will always come back under her

She’s my blanket

She always covers me

Always keeps me warm

Always protects me from the wintriness of night

She’s my old blanket

But she’s still my blanket

She looks old and small

She can’t wrap me anymore

Because I’m much bigger now

But it’s always nice

To have her in my bag

I want you to read this, Mom

Because you’re my blanket

Don’t get mad, I call you a blanket

I promise you, you’re the best blanket ever

On top of that, I love you Mom, forever.