Monday, August 3, 2009


Hey guys.

I have something to tell you.


I'm not supposed to tell this to anyone else.

But what to do?

I couldn't resist it.

I must reveal this.

For our own good.


Do you really really want to know?

The most important question is..


Well, OK..

I'm a secret agent..

Can you believe that??

I'm a S.C.O.T.C.H agent..

What do you mean you don't know S.C.O.T.C.H?

Wanna see my badge?

So now you know.

Well, OK, lemme explain.
Just recently somebody sent me a request to be one of those guys, like the Supernatural guys, (yeah!). Not knowing much about it, I joined it and the next thing I know, I'm a S.C.O.T.C.H agent. I was like,

"I'm an AGENT?? OMG!! I'm so excited.
The badge is COOL."

Well, yeah. And then I was assigned on a mission to catch 180 ghosts in 3 days. I was like, WOOOT?? Are you kidding, catching 180 ghosts in 3 days?? Seriously??

Well, I moved on with the mission and managed to finish it successfully. Haha~

Now, I am an established ghost hunter and I have so many people recruited into my team. Most of them are my friends. Wahaha~

Well, wanna look at the ghosts that I've caught?

It's our mission to let the whole world knows about the existence of ghosts and right now, I'd like you guys to witness the never before seen photos of ghosts. Extra info: Most of them are very ADORABLE. (^.^)

This one is from Transylvania.
This one too.
This ghost is very seductive. It seduces you and steals
from you. I couldn't catch this myself. Thanks so much
to my gay friend, we managed to catch it.
Not even spooky, very cute.
Waaaaaargh!! Not scary.
He's very mysterious. But I enjoyed his shadow puppet
show though. =P
What can I say? He's similar with his brother.
This is my most valuable collection for now because
I only managed to catch one of this kind so far.
Crazy indeed! He gave himself to me just like that. No hard
works needed.
Even crazier.
I caught him using a bagpipe. Silly ghost. Haha~
Sir McGhost is McGhost's father.
The most stylo and modern in the bunch.
Poor ghost. You're old. You should get a retirement.
Easy to catch you.
Dramatic indeed.
Drunken master.
Drunken master.
What's with the mask? You must be ugly.
Oooh, changed the colour already.
Does not look like a ghost at all.
This one too.
Owh, poor Daniel. I have to catch you because you make me rich.


I accidentally caught this one while looking at the mirror. Wakaka~

Well, if you wanna join the fun and if you have Facebook, join me catching cute ghosts. It's fun but be very carefull, it's ADDICTIVE.

Now, I don't even have time to brush my teeth because the ghosts are waving at me wanting to be caught and I just couldn't stop myself from not catching them.

Wanna join (please)??


You can add me (Facebook). My email:

Add me and follow my Ghost Trappers link if you want to join.

That's all.



Dict MFG said...

What's this huhahuha?!

Pinku no Ichigo Yuki said...

waaah... rajin nya bro men bnda nih...
i like the commitment (shanky, 09)