Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Never Let You Go by Fanzi Ruji

I suck at writing a short story. 

I hate reading (educational materials) as well.

But unfortunately I had to write a short story for one of our Creative Writing assignments.

And, I'm not happy about it.

But then, I managed to do it. Although it is just a very simple short story, only two pages, but I'm proud of it. Writing a short story is such a big accomplishment because like I've said, I suck at writing a story. Why? Maybe because I have limited imagination. I need to give myself a big round of applause.

[clap clap]

My other friends managed to come out with a very long one.

Adakah saya cemburu?

Well, in some way, yes, I'm kind of jealous. But it's okay I guess. They are smart especially in this thing compared to me.

Enough said, so here it is. The product that you all have been anticipating for,

a short story written by the dumbest greatest writer of all, Fanzi Ruji.

[clap clap]

Oh before that, forgive all the grammatical errors (if any). Like I said, I suck. 


Oh ya, one more thing, all characters in the story are just characters, like cartoon characters. They have nothing to do with those who are still living or not living

Okay, enjoy even if you don't enjoy it.

Never Let You Go
by Fanzi Ruji

Once upon a time, in the Land of Narneon, there was an adorable young man who lived in a thick forest with his guardian. His name was Funzy Rogers and the guardian’s name was Bi Storm. Funzy Roger was actually a son of a great king named King Kenny Rogers III but he did not know the fact because he was separated from his father and mother just after he was born in the world.

It was said that King Kenny Rogers III used to have a secret wife named Madonna Donna. Madonna Donna was an extremely beautiful woman but very greedy and evil inside. She wanted to be the queen.  Upon hearing the news of the pregnancy of the queen, Madonna Donna exploded in rage. She was very angry and disappointed. She wanted to get rid of the queen.  Therefore, she travelled to the Land of The Black Magic and met an old lady named Lady Copa Cabbana. She hired Lady Copa Cabbana to teach her black magic so that she could kill the queen.

Lady Copa Cabbana refused at first but eventually agreed to teach black magic to Madonna Donna. However, there was one condition. To learn black magic, Madonna Donna had to spare her beauty. She agreed and after she ate the Fruit of the Witch, her entire hair suddenly fell down and her skin became dark and swollen. She looked like she has been living for 100 years. The only way to break the contract was to make a young man of a royal blood suffer from love and die.

Madonna Donna was very determined to kill the queen. She sent a group of Digi Monsters to attack the queen but the monsters failed to kill her. King Kenny Rogers III found out that Madonna Donna was the mastermind of the murder attempt. He confronted her but unfortunately he was trapped and sent to Kingdom of Silence. Nobody knew what happened to the king after that. The queen was also sent there by Madonna Donna. However, Bi Storm managed to rescue the baby and hid the baby in a place where Madonna Donna could never find out.

In the meantime, Funzy Rogers, unaware of who he really was, met a lovely young woman in the village near the thick forest and fell in love with her. Her name was Britney Sword. She fell in love with him too. Madly in love, they spent all their time together and did all things together. Bi Storm warned Funzy Rogers to stop spending too much time with his lover because something bad would happen if he kept on exposing himself to the public. Funzy Rogers ignored the guardian’s warning and decided to marry Britney Sword. They lived in a simple way but they were very happy.

In the old castle, there was Madonna Donna, the evil witch who could not go anywhere in the castle but her room because she was too embarassed to show off her super-ugly look. While looking at her glimmering lightbulb on her make-up desk, she had a vision that the baby of King Kenny Rogers III and the queen was still alive and had became a man who was going to marry a woman soon.

Madonna Donna was very happy to know that the son of King Kenny Rogers III was actually alive. She could finally free herself from the contract. Therefore, she created a hatred potion which could make someone hates someone.

One day, while Britney Sword was dancing around in the backyard of the house, Madonna Donna came to her and promoted a chocolate energy bar which could generate more energy. Because of her interest in dancing, she thought that she was going to need more energy. Therefore, she bought all the chocolate energy bars and ate all of them.  As soon as she swallowed the last bite, she felt the rush of energy and very strong boost of confidence that made her feels like she was the one who were in control of everything.  She felt like a man and that she doesn’t need one anymore. Under the influence of the Madonna Donna’s black magic, she became a different person. The happy moments between them was no longer happy. Everything seemed so dull and sad and that drove him insane. He wondered what had happened to his wife. He wanted his wife to be sweet, jovial and loving just like before.

As time passed by, the relationship between Funzy and Britney became worse. She became less sensitive to his needs and began to ignore him. Feeling devastated, he went back to the forest to meet Bi Storm and asked for Bi Storm’s advice. Bi Storm told him that it was all because of Madonna Donna’s evil plan and also told him the whole story about himself and his parents. Feeling shocked, Funzy Rogers was determined to kill Madonna Donna and cure back his wife.

So, he went to the old castle alone and challenged Madonna Donna to fight with him. Madonna Donna used black magic and trapped him in his own mind. He couldn’t do anything. Madonna Donna kept him as a prisoner in the castle.

In the forest, Bi Storm managed to temporarily cure Funzy Rogers’ wife using the limited knowledge of black magic that he knew. He told Britney that her husband was trapped in the old castle by the evil Madonna Donna and that she must save him before he dies. Bi Storm told her that Funzy Rogers was the only son of King Kenny Rogers III and the only person who could save and return back the glory of the land. Only the love of his life could save him from the evil Madonna Donna. Britney, accompanied by Bi Storm, went to the castle and found Funzy Rogers. However, there, they met Madonna Donna and fought. Madonna Donna managed to defeat Bi Storm and sent him to the Kingdom of Silence. Madonna Donna then tried to kill the weak Funzy Rogers but he was saved by his wife. Britney Sword managed to demolish Madonna Donna but unfortunately she was badly hurt.

Funzy Rogers brought his wife back to the forest. In the forest, his wife took her last breath . He was so sad. He loved his wife so much that he did not want to let go. He built a glass coffin for her wife and sat beside the coffin, to accompany his wife, for the rest of his life until he took his last breath.  

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