Saturday, August 28, 2010

To See You Again

Last month (if I'm not mistaken), someone that I call Ikaw (her name is Avie) called and asked me whether I wanted to be involved in the making of the music video of To See You Again sung by Ridah Annie (her name in Facebook). When I asked further, she told me that I would be the male model in the video. Upon hearing that, I instantly said YES! 

Well, the storyline of the video goes like this.

[clears throat]

There was this girl who loves taking pictures (played by Avie herself) stranded in the rain. She tried to find a place to escape from the rain. While she was running, she accidentally dropped her Elmo doll and then there was this guy (guess who that guy is) that came to the rescue. He brought her to a spot, safe from the rain and restored her Elmo doll. 

There, they got to know each other and snapped a photo together. After that (long after the sweet meeting with the guy, who is played by me), this girl found out that she is actually missing the guy and is wondering when they can meet again.

[tears coming down from the eyes]

So basically, that's the storyline of the music video. The video will be released (probably) in November and I can't wait to see it. 

Shooting the video with Ikaw a.k.a Avie was fun. It was a bit awkward at the beginning because I seriously suck at making facial expressions. Eventually, everything became easy because Avie is such a happy person. Therefore it's easy to work with her. I still remember when she screamed, "Punya main bida muka ko Fanzi!!"


Well, coincidentally, it was raining that day and we didn't have to set up a fake rain while shooting the video. However, my hair was seriously 'damaged' by the rain and I kinda look like shit. Anyway, that's not important. The important thing is, I gained a new experience and working with Avie is awesome and sweet like candy. 

Hope to do this kind of project again.

Photos are by courtesy of Alexander Alex Jimmy.

Yours sincerely,


Mr NAEmnzr said...

all the best fanzi.

wow,dh mengorak langkah!

hopefully, after dis, u'll hv ur own music video "dua cinta menjadi satu".

warm regards,
Naem [I am FANzi]

Anonymous said...

Whoa! Wanna see it too!

Elvyra = Elbo = Vera said...

ba, post d blog or fB tau lpas kuar tu video~ mo tgk juga~~

buhh said...

dun forget to upload the video on fb k!~ hehe

alexjimmy said...

bro nanti klu sudah siap tu clip bulan 12 sa upload pigi fb. mo shoot si ridah lagi ni sebelum compile tu video clip.