Monday, October 14, 2013

Post KDM Idol

KDM Idol has finally ended. I have to say the performances of the contestants were superb. Like I said in my Facebook status, I could never imagine myself being one of the finalists because I'd be clueless on how to 'beautify' my performance. Maybe it was not meant for me or it was not my 'turn' yet.

Oh for those readers (if there are) who are wondering what KDM Idol is, it is a singing competition organized by Kadazan Dusun Murut Malaysia (KDM Malaysia) association where the offered prizes are ridiculous for Sabah level, which is awesome actually. The main prize is RM100K, 1st runner up is RM50K, 2nd runner up is RM30K and so on. The least amount of prize is RM10K so you can imagine how big this competition is.

I actually joined this competition but ended up only being in the Top 29 out of 600++ contestants who auditioned. It's quite an impressive achievement right? Haha.

Well, the winner is Arie Famree Sius, a super talented + creative singer/performer. I competed with him once before this competition and I have to admit I could never beat this guy when it comes to stage performance.

He is so blessed. I am so freaking jealous with him because he won that hundred thousand. But again I have to admit, he deserved it. Plus, he's a good person. Truly an idol.

Watching him win last night, I suddenly thought about myself. How far am I going in this business. Someone told me last night that I could have gone further. But I am still stuck here at this level. I keep on telling myself again and again that it's probably not my time yet. Guess I'll have to start from scratch again. Guess I need to learn more before I can soar.

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