Monday, October 4, 2010

A nonsense poem.

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In my Creative Writing class, Sir Hadi asked us to create a nonsense poem. When I heard the word 'nonsense', I know it's gonna be my cup of tea / bed of roses / forte or whatever you call it, because I am good, I mean, really good in being a nonsense creature.

So this is how it was done. First, I wrote anything that I have in mind on a piece of paper. Second, the paper - the area where I have written my line - was folded so that people could not read it. Third, the paper was given to Aminah - my partner for this particular assignment - and she did the same thing I did. The process was repeated until both of us have written five lines each.

After the whole process, we unfolded the paper and voila, a nonsense poem was created.

I hear the sounds of music

Birds have voices but why do they only sing?

I don't know what is going on

Frogs and trees are green, are they of the same species?

How I wish I'm a mind reader

I wonder why Arabians do not get fever when it is too hot

I need a sign, maybe guidance from above

There are still tears even when we are excited

Rocks and rock stars, are they brothers?

I want to live by the music, let it heals my aching soul.

Title: Wonderful Melody
Created by: Fanzi & Aminah

P/S: It is not so nonsense, isn't it? The only nonsense thing is the title I guess [muarghahahaha]. 

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