Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I Love To Touch My ___________

Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah!

Touch my body.

Put me on the floor.

Wrestle me around.

La la la la!




Ooops, sorry. It's not exactly what I have in mind. Please don't judge me people. Blame Mariah Carey for that one up there.

Psst! I wonder what comes to your mind when you read my post's title. Hehehe. Those with 'polluted' mind will surely assume that this post is about, eherm, something sexy, I shall say. Hehe.

Well, let's get back to the original. Forget about touching your body or whatever things that are touchable because this time, right now and right here, there is something worth touching and that would be the all new LG Cookie

Well, as awesome as it sounds, LG Cookie offers greater taste than the real cookies. Haha. It's true. If you are so into awesome technology, then LG Cookie is the best thing in the world for you.

LG Cookie is the one item that does it all. Apart from its user friendly features, it is equipped with 3.2 mega pixel camera, you can take loads of pictures. Want more? Just zoom in. LG Cookie is also enhanced with the digital zooming capability which takes your taking pictures experience into a greater length. And the best thing of all, it all happen at the tip of your fingertips. LG Cookie is a full touch screen phone. Forget about keypads. Just hit on the screen. 

***That's why I love LG touch screen phones***

Can't get enough? It's also designed with auto rotation feature which enables users to use it vertically or horizontally depending on their mood. 

***Another reason why I love LG touch screen phones***

The most important of all, for students or working people, especially those who always 'play around' with documents, LG Cookie offers just the thing you need. You can check your documents anywhere and anytime through it. Be it in DOC, PDF, XLS or PPT formats, the phone reads them all. That's what I call AWESOME!

***Oooooo, another ultimate reason why I must have this LG touch screen in my pocket***

For those who like to show off their personality, LG Cookie is available in 5 new HOT colours. Now there are three series which are LG Cookie 3G (LG KM555), LG Cookie Plus (LG GS500) and LG Cookie Fresh (LG  GS290). They are all designed with fresh looks and new designs that will surely spice up your everyday life.

Adding up the awesomeness, LG will organize its own LG Cookie Monster Party which I'm totally looking forward to go. I'm hoping to be invited and looking forward meet Kenny Sia, the top blogger ever.

Oh Gawd, this is gonna be FUN! I'm TOTALLY going to the LG COOKIE MONSTER PARTY. Please invite me. The party is NOT complete without my attendance. Heee.

P/S: Count how many times I mentioned LG Cookie. Hee.

Yours sincerely,

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