Wednesday, March 31, 2010

How To Teach Your Dragon

Recently, I watched How To Train Your Dragon at the cinema.

Little I know that it's actually a computer-animated film by DreamWorks Animation. Anyhow, that's not a problem because I love computer-animated films.

The story takes place in a village called Berk. It is about Hiccup, the young Viking, who wanted to be a dragon slayer like his father and the rest of the people in the village. Unfortunately, he's far from becoming a dragon slayer because, well, let's just say that he's different from the others in the village. He is small or should I say physically unqualified to become a dragon slayer. His father, Stoick, is the leader of the village and is respected by the people because of his remarkable reputation in killing dragons. Stoick is strong and brave unlike Hiccup. But in my personal opinion, Hiccup is smarter than his dad.

However, Hiccup wanted to be like his father so much. One day he sneaks out from the house on a mission to kill a dragon. He wanted to prove that he can be a good dragon slayer.

Trying to prove himself to his father and the others, Hiccup decides to kill the extremely rare dragon and never captured before that is Night Fury. He manages to shoot one down during the raid, but is unable to convince the other Vikings of that. Attempting to get proof, he sneaks off and manages to find the dragon he shot down, which is indeed a Night Fury. But, Hiccup can't bring himself to kill the helpless creature and frees the Night Fury instead.

Later, he again finds the Night Fury trapped in a small canyon. The Night Fury can't fly because one of its tail wings was ripped off. Basically, Hiccup helps the Night Fury and they become good 'friends'.

And then, there are some conflicts and dramas, bla bla bla.

I would recommend you guys to watch this movie because it's great. Simply great! I give 4.5 stars.

What I like about this movie :

  • It involves dragon and the dragons are mostly very adorable especially Toothless, the Night Fury that becomes Hiccup's pet.
  • It is rich of good moral values. It almost made me cry. You'll understand when you watch it.  
  • Funny and cute.
  • Toothless is so cute. 
  • The feeling I got while watching this movie is similar to the feeling when I watch 300, Narnia and Percy Jackson. I love all those movies. So I guess How To Train Your Dragon is the reincarnation of those 3 films, only that it is animated and cuter.

I know, my movie review sucks. I'm very bad in writing a movie review. Forgive me for that.

Yours sincerely, 

I Could Die

Pfffrrrrt! My last few days were f****** hell. There were loads of work needed to be completed.


Our French teacher asked us to make a video. 

Well, he's not French. He's Indian but he teaches French language.

So, we were asked to do a video - a short drama - in French language. Duh! 

This project will be submitted tomorrow. Thank God, we have done the shooting, as well as the video editing. The only thing we haven't done is burning it into a CD. I think I'm gonna burn it tonight.

Well, there were some funny incidents during the shooting. While shooting the three-girls-are-stealing-fruits scene  in Giant Supermarket, the security guards came and asked us what we were doing. Maybe he thought that we were stealing the fruits. Well, true indeed, we were stealing the fruits but it was just for the shooting. We weren't going to really steal the fruits. Haha! 

So, we explained the real thing. But the security guards won't allow us to shoot there. We were required to write a permission letter to their admin if we were to shoot in Giant Supermarket. 

We said "OK, fine."
Then we went off. There was no need to write a permission letter because we've already got the scene. The security guards were a little too late to stop us. We were lucky that day. 


We had our formal meeting assessment just now. And I should say that we rocked it. We were given 30 minutes for the meeting. At first we were like "What the hell are we going to talk about for 30 minutes?" 

During our meeting rehearsal last time, we only took 10 minutes to finish our meeting, and that was 20 minutes too early.

So, just now we had an active 'frying' session during the meeting and we managed to finish it in 30 minutes, which means we have done a good job. Haha.

Congrats to all my group members. We all did an exceptionally good job in frying those ideas and thoughts.

So, that's done.


Hell! I thought I could do it. Before my turn, everything seemed so easy and I was quite confident that I could deliver well. But when I stepped in front and stared at all my dear students, suddenly my nervousness took over me and I, I, I was...

I have no idea. 

I just went on teaching and next thing I knew, I was done.

A few weaknesses that I've found in my teaching :

  • Insufficient eye contact with the students.
  • Nervousness was obvious.
  • I was rushing to finish my lesson because I was afraid of exceeding the time limit and I wanted to get the hell out of there as soon as possible.
  • It was quite obvious that I was unprepared for my micro-teaching.

Anyway, I've done some of the crucial parts in my course assessment. But there is more. I just hope I don't die due to stress and depression.  

P/S: I'll be competing in the semifinal of WCOPA (World Championship of Performing Arts) next week. Wish me luck.

Yours sincerely,

Saturday, March 27, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance


Background knowledge :
I love to watch Happy Slip's videos on Youtube. 

As usual, whenever there is a new video from Happy Slip, I would watch it. And there's this new video of her featuring a guy. Well, in the video, she's talking about a genie (the guy) who is capable of fulfilling any wishes that you wish. [CHECK THE VIDEO OUT] 

Ooh, try saying WISHES THAT YOU WISH continuously. It's kinda good tongue twister, isn't it? 

Anyway, the idea of the video is more like to promote this guy. 

So, I wondered, who is this guy?

So, I clicked on the link and I found out the truth of him.

His name is Victor Kim.



Guys and girls, if you are into hip-hop, freestyle, shuffle and break-dance kind of thingy, you should check this guy out. He's awesome. I mean, really really awesome. And he can sing too. He should join So You Think You Can Dance.

Okay, now I'm promoting Victor Kim as well. Go to his Youtube page [CLICK HERE] and watch he dances. AMAAAZING!

I wish I can dance like him. Oh genie in the bottle, turn me into an awesome dancer like Victor Kim.


Yours sincerely,

Britney Made Out With Adam Lambert

Yo Bloggers..
First & foremost, please excuse the title. It has nothing to do with this post. This post is entirely about something else.

PEACE. *smiling widely*

So, if you are a loyal reader, you should know that I've promised to myself I would post an entry about my day every night before I sleep, right? 

The Devil : "Loyal reader huh? Do you even have one? I don't think people even care about this blog."

Stupid devil!

Well, anyway..
Apparently, I FAILED. I didn't post an entry last night. I was supposed to but I was very sleepy that I slept at, I don't know, 7 p.m, 8 p.m? It doesn't matter by the way, because I'm back! Haha!

Initially, I did not have anything to talk about. After taking my shower just now, suddenly a light bulb appeared above my head. Well, it actually happened during my shower session. So, I'd like to thank whatever there is in the cubicle where I had just took my shower just now for giving me the light bulb. Merci beaucoup. 

Anyway, merci beaucoup means thank you very much. Duh.

Well, have you ever encountered a situation where people told you different contradicting things that made your life, at that point, went haywire.


Then you're lucky. But..

Wait a minute. If you have never been in that situation, I bet you must be living in a cave or in a crystal ball where human presence is below 0. Still, you are lucky.

You might be bored because there is no one to talk to or to [CENSORED] with though.

Anyway, back to my question. Yes, I've been in that situation many many times.

For example :

Before you read the conversation, you need to have the background knowledge or schemata (I learnt this word from my methodology class) of what the dialog is about. Basically, the dialog is about me asking my friends about our allowance. 

The Devil : What allowance? You're a student. You don't deserve to be paid.

Stupid devil!

Well, let me tell you exactly what i am.
I'm an IPG student, meaning that I am PAID to study. It's like I'm working, only that I work as a student. I know might it sound like heaven but trust me, sometimes it's not. Well, it does feel really really good to get money like you have a job when you are actually still studying, not even working and I thank God for that. However, the problem is, we don't have any f****** idea WHEN exactly we will get our money. 

"You know, it's hard to plan when you don't know the details. In other words, it's not easy to plan how to use your money when you don't know when you'll get the reinforcement, I mean, money."  
(Fanzi, 2010)

Okay, now that you've required the background knowledge, let's move on to the conversation. 

Me : When will we get our allowance?
Smart-ass 1 : I don't know. *shrug*

Me : When will we get our allowance?
Smart-ass 2 : Mr [CENSORED] told me that it's coming out next week.
Me : Thank God. *face shimmers*

Me : I heard that our allowance is out next week.
Smart-ass 3 : Really? Mr [CENSORED] told me that it's next month.
Me : No way! From who did he get that info?
Smart-ass 3 : The office. The secretary told him that.

Me : Hey, when will we get our allowance? Mr [CENSORED] told me it's next month?
Smart-ass 2 : Next month? *phone rings* Hello, what's up? Bla.. Bla.. Bla.. *call ends* Dude, latest news, the allowance is out next semester. Confirmed!
Me : Whuuut?

And then after, like, 5 minutes, I got an SMS from Mr [CENSORED]. It says "We won't get our allowance this year. CONFIRMED!"  

And I was like "^$#^%#@!!&$*!$*$!^!@^%!^!#^%$&!!!!!!"

Now you see how irritating this thing is. Right? 
Just imagine, your friend tells you that you'll get your pay tomorrow. Upon hearing that, you rush to the shopping mall and burn every single paper that you have in your skinny wallet. Nothing worries you because you know you'll get your wage on the next day.

Suddenly, your boss calls and tells you that you will get your pay NEXT month.

Jeng! Jeng! Jeng!

How do you feel?

What would you do? 

I know right. It sucks. That's exactly what I meant when I said,
"It's hard to plan when you don't really know the details."

You could DIE of poverty and lack of nutritions.

Like these skeletons, I mean, skinny girls.

To make this whole scenario easier for some of us to understand, I did this. [SCROLL DOWN]

Get it? Get the connection?


Those pics don't really help, do they?

Fine, it's OK.

All that Britney stuff that they have put in the media sometimes make us think,

"What the hell is going on in her life? Is it true? How? When? Why?"

By the way, those above are not true facts about Britney. I just made it up, except for the last one - the shaved-her-head thingy, I mean, she did shave her head. And I put Britney's pics not because I hate her. In fact, I love her. I think she's beautiful.

My point here is, too many ideas or information which are not true and contradicting with each other really make my thoughts go haywire. In my case - the allowance thingy, I didn't know who to believe. And I'm sick and tired of waiting and hoping for it. Whenever people ask me about it, I just raise my shoulders. And whenever people come to me and say

"The allowance will be banked in tomorrow!"

I just look at them blankly and say "Okay, whatever. Enjoy your allowance." 

So, what have I learned?

01. Money is important.
02. Knowing how to manage money is even more important.
03. Don't just simply trust anyone or any other sources of information.
04. Be prepared for the worst.
05. Save money.

Your's truthfully,

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I Think I Know Why Britney Shaved Her Head

I know why. Because she was in seriously extreme pressure. Yes, it's a curse brought upon by an Ass-signment. For those who didn't know, the Ass-signment is a deadly piece of paper given by the Lect-torture-rer. Look at these pictures and be amazed of what this creature may do to you.

P/S: I know this Britney-shaved-her-head thingy is so last century but who cares, I mean, whatever. 

It's not funny because she's Britney Spears (I heart Britney). Plus, I'm not in a funny mood today. Not when I'm surrounded by the huge huge waves of assignments. These waves are so deadly that it flooded my brain and flushed out my ENERGIZER.



Let's take a look at the meaning of the word.

Fed up [adj]
Unable or unwilling to put up with something any longer. 

She was fed up with their complaints. 
I resigned because I was fed up.

There are no words that can describe how sick I am with this condition. Let's let the pictures do the talking.

Let's bang our head together on the laptop screen, or, on the wall (recommended).

Tomorrow, I'm going to sit for another test. And on the day after tomorrow, another test. I feel like puking. Therefore, I'm gonna end this here.

Yours sincerely,