Friday, February 26, 2010


Finally, I decided to cut my hair. The hair crisis with the UiTM security guards really gave me a massive pressure. "It's time to satisfy the damn guards' heart. I'm gonna cut my hair really really short this time. No regrets," I said to myself. So therefore, I stepped into ANURA and asked them to cut my hair. "I want it short," I said to the barber.

I had no idea what my hair is gonna look like when it's done. Let's just hope it's good enough for me to showcase.

So, after like 30 minutes waiting for the whole hair-cutting session to  finish...


I look funny? Or macho which I don't think so? Haha! It sure looks quite funny to me. FYI, the last time I cut my hair short like that was about 12 months ago, while I was in Maktab. 

So, when I asked other people what do they think of my new haircut, most of them said that my new haircut looks OK and that I look more masculine. Really? I feel like a school boy. My best friend said that I look like a bad boy. Define BAD please. Haha! Two of my friends said that I look 5 years younger. Haha! I was quite confident that my hair rocks my head until suddenly one of my girl friends told me, "Why did you cut your hair short like that? You look cuter with long hair." I was like,  "Oh no!" I made a mistake by cutting it short. The feeling of regrets start creeping in every part of my brain. 

The little voice in my head told me not to worry because it eventually grows back. Yes, that's true. It'll grow back someday without people even realizing it.

Well, this is the before-and-after photo that I've came out with. Please let me know what's on your mind. "Which hairstyle suits me better?" "Should I go for short or long hair?" Etc. Etc.

The name of the guy in red is Abdul Hisham and as usual, I'm Fanzi, the one wearing green. We're twins. Haha! No way. It's just me, the one and only me. 

Personally, I prefer long hair but apparently I'm destined to be a future teacher who's going to educate your future children if any, eventually. Therefore, it's a BIG no no for me to have that kind of hair. I mean, long hair.  

P/S: Finished writing typing this entry at 6.33 AM. So sleepy. Need to sleep now. 

Monday, February 22, 2010

Percy Jackson

Last night, I watched Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief. It was interesting. The story is about Percy Jackson who is half human and half god. His father is Poseidon, the God of The Ocean. I like this story because it involves Greek's (or Roman or whatsoever) gods which I love so much. 

Just now, I went to a bookshop to search for the novel To Sir With Love. Fara asked for my help to find the novel. Unfortunately, I didn't find it. I've asked the people in the shop but they said, they don't have it. Poor Fara. Anyway, I was just about to leave the store when I bumped into Percy Jackson series. There are 6 of them.

01. Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief
02. Percy Jackson & The Sea of Monsters
03. Percy Jackson & The Titan's Curse
04. Percy Jackson & The Battle of The Labyrinth 
05. Percy Jackson & The Last Olympian


06. Percy Jackson : The Demigod Files 

The most shocking part is, I bought ALL of them. Yes! All 6 of them. For those who know me well, it's a shocking news because I don't read novels. Let alone buying novels. Well, believe it or don't.

I don't really know why I bought those books but I realized one thing during this holiday. I spent most of my time doing nothing (in my free time of course). Doing nothing actually kills me in the inside. I've been spending 90 percent of my time in front of my laptop (facebooking of course) and that didn't bring me any good. Therefore, I decided to start seeding my reading habit starting TODAY (now that I have these books). This is kinda a big decision that I've taken considering that I need to really commit myself in, in, in, reading of course. 

Hopefully, by doing this, I'll improve my writing skills, my imagination (because I'm an extremely bad imaginer) and many other things. Thanks to Percy Jackson and Rick Riordan (the author) for making me realize the importance of reading.

P/S: I'm amazed with the stories of Greek's (or Roman or whatsoever) gods. I find it very interesting that they have all sort of gods. Maybe this is one ultimate factor that leads me to buying all those Percy Jackson books.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Express Expressions

There are few things that I've done I'd like to highlight today.

01. Just finished packing. I'll be in KK tomorrow.

02. The internet connection sucks big time. I started to hate Celcom Broadband.

03. I met my friend today, Jewel. I think he's now having the best time of his life because his tummy is getting bigger. He's also very talkative now. He used to be the shy guy way back during our secondary school era. I guess knowing that he'll become a doctor soon makes him happy. 

04. My wallet is reinforced. Huhu.

05. I've just had a dinner with my siblings at Puncak Borneo. It was awesome. The place is super cold. 

06. I've made today as a finishing-my-assignment day and was expecting a message regarding the assignment from my friend (because he promised to text me today) but I haven't received any messages yet. I've sent him a message and I'm still waiting for his reply. Actually, I was kind of disappointed and scared because firstly, he was supposed to send the information regarding the assignment to me earlier today (he's promised) as I've made myself free for the sake of finishing the assignment. Secondly, I'm not always free especially after today. Therefore, I might have some problems finishing the assignments and I'll be back in SA only on Monday which is the day we are supposed to submit the assignment. I'm freaking out right now. Why didn't you send me the message, why?

P/S: The internet connection here sucks. Therefore, I won't be able to check my email and send emails.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

17/02/2010 : 1009

I quite happy today because my laptop screen has recovered from the its 'red' disease. 

Today, I'll be going to CP at 1 o'clock until 3 o'clock to meet Othoe (Suria FM DJ). The purpose of this meeting is........ I actually have no idea. Mr Asmin Mudin and Mdm Lucy are the ones responsible for this. I know it has something to do with my single but I'm clueless on what matters they are going to discuss about. Anyway, I'll just follow, they will be my spokesperson (cewah).

And tomorrow, I'll be coming home. I'll be gone to my hometown to meet my family. There, in my house, I'll be concentrating on doing my assignments. I can't do my assignments now because so many things are bothering. 

Basically, that's my plan for this week. 

P/S: Thanks to my beauty sleep, I missed my time hanging out with Reza and the gang at Pulau Mamutik today. Mimi pun inform lambat semalam. Hehehehe. Anyway, thanks guys. There's always next time. Cheers.  

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Just when I thought that I could never do something, I was wrong.

When I was small, I used to dream of being a singer. I realized I could never do that because I'm just a kampung boy who's living in a simple house with simple family that prioritizes education. My late father was a headmaster and 4 of my siblings are also working in education field. So I thought, I must also become a teacher. It's in my blood.

But then, I found out later that teaching is not something that I'm passionate about. I love singing. I planned not to continue my study after Form 5 because I wanted to sing. However, it was just a plan, more like a stupid plan anyway. I know I have to have at least a degree because it's hard to find a good job without it.

Still, I went to One In A Million audition and managed to impress the judges (that's what they said). At that point, I was having a hard time deciding whether to go to KL to join the competition and become a singer or continue my study.

My heart told me to go to KL. "You have a talent, a huge talent that could actually change your life later. Just follow your dream. You want to be a singer, right?"

Yes, of course. Singing is my passion. Then my mind interrupted me. "There's no guarantee that you can survive in the music industry. It's a world of uncertainty. They'll kick you out when you're no longer needed. Please continue your study because that's the only thing that can change your life. Moreover, you're not stupid, you're smart. So think smart."

Therefore, I decided to continue my study. So here I am. Still studying. The funny thing is, among all degree programs that were offered, I chose TESL. Why? Maybe that's the best offer. Maybe teaching is my destiny. Although I'm not into it. Maybe, just maybe, it's in my blood.

What happened to singing? Singing is always my passion. I auditioned for AF but I didn't get it. I tried again but still, I had no luck. At that point, I thought that I should do this thing by my own. I don't really need AF or whatever reality TV singing competitions to make it happen. Moreover, I have 5 years contract with the government. So it's impossible for me to postpone my study just to join AF or whatsoever. 

I can do it myself. If Yuna can do it, I also can. Heee.

With the help of my family and some friends, I managed to finally record my own single. Thanks to Madam Lucy and Asmin Mudin (song composer and lyricist), the song Dua Cinta Menjadi Satu was formed. I'm just done with the voicing yesterday. Right now all I have to do is to wait for the song to be fully completed (mixed and mastered). 

For other people, this might sound so easy to do. But actually it doesn't. It's a very long hard process especially for people like me. It would be so much easier if I were rich. Unfortunately I'm not rich. However, I'm proud of what I've done and what I've achieved. I'm doing this because it's my passion. Hopefully it will work. 

This is just the beginning. More will come from me. Hopefully. Amin.

Monday, February 15, 2010


Yahoo! The voicing is done. Now all I have to do is wait for the final product. Tinggal mix and master lagi. When it's all done, then I have to find ways to 'sell' the song. For those who are wondering, I'm talking about my single, my very own song.

Here's a snippet of my song. Hope you enjoy the song. And when the song is out, please support me. Thanks.

The song is not fully done yet. Ni baru raw recording yg kena buat tp saja mw bg dgr. I hope people will like it. Amin. The title of the song is Dua Cinta Menjadi Satu (song/lyric by Asmin Mudin). There's a Dusun version of the song also. 

Anyway, have a nice day you guys. Please support me. Thanks.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


I just woke up and I feel terribly guilty. You want to know why? I'll tell you what happened.

This happened approximately 5 hours ago. We went to the market to buy some items. Plan mw masak rendang ayam because I asked for it.

After that, sdah ada bahan-bahan tu, tunggu apa lg. Kami pun masak lah. Sy tolong perah santan saja. Hehe.

And then it's lunch time. Part ni lah yg buat sy rasa bersalah tahap dewa dewi. You know what, I ate 3 plates of rice and finished the rendang. I feel extremely GUILTY because I should never had eaten that much. Back in Shah Alam, sy jarang sgt makan nasi. The maximum is 3 times a week. Kenapalah sy makan besar td? Haiz, I feel so uncomfortable right now. I think there's something wrong with me.

And then.

Pas makan tu sy duduk atas sofa. Rasa mengantuk pulak. Kalo mengantuk tunggu apa lg, sy pun tidur trus atas sofa tu. When I woke up, I feel extremely GUILTY again. Sy x spatutnya tidur selepas makan. Nnt sy membesar bagai johan.

Untuk mengurangkan perasaan bersalah tu, sy mengambil keputusan untuk tidak akan makan lg pada hari ni. Cukuplah 3 pinggan nasi tu untuk sehari (breakfast, lunch & dinner). And tomorrow, tomorrow and tomorrow, I promise I won't eat rice. Biarlah sy makan sayur + ayam sahaja.

Aaaah, I feel a lot better now. Hihihi.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Red Alert

Yeay, for the first time this year, I'm blogging live from Sabah. Just right after I landed on Kota Kinabalu International Airport Terminal 2, we went straight to Tanjung Aru First Beach to have our dinner. I was so tired and hungry. I ate the whole Curry Mee and Pattaya Fried Rice. I enjoyed looking at the scenery and the sound of the ocean. Aaaaaaaah, there's no place like home.

Lepas makan tu balik rumah. Sampai rumah sy bukak laptop. Damn! The laptop screen turns red AGAIN. That's what I hate the most about my laptop. Tdk boleh kena bawak jalan2. Kalo terhantuk sikit, trus screen dia rosak. The cure? No cure. Kena tunggu sampai screen tu jd normal balik lah. It usually takes 1 week to recover or 2 weeks or more. Terpulang dgn mood laptop tu. Kalo dia rasa dia nak sembuh, sembuh la dia. For now, I have to bear with this unpleasant sight. Sakit mata tgk screen warna merah ni. My dear laptop, please recover as soon as possible. Kalo ko x recover, aku beli laptop baru. Hehe. Not really. As long as this laptop still boleh guna, you shall never be replaced.

Anyways, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR to all my Chinese relatives and friends. I might not be able to celebrate it with you unless you give me Angpow. Hoho. And HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY too. And most important of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my mother. She was born on Valentine's Day. You must have a lot of LOVE in you right Mom. Spread the LOVE Mom. 

OK lah. That's all for now. I'll post another one soon. 

Coretan Batinku

Wow, I don't know why I feel so pumped up to write so many things in my blog. Like Gunung Berapi Pendam, my brain starts pouring out so many light bulbs after a long sleep. Therefore, the best thing to do now is to layan my brain and write (type) as many words as possible.

Actually, I just had my shower. The time now is 5.38 in the morning and yes, ayam-ayam belum lg berkokok. In just a few hours, I'll be flying back to Kota Kinabalu Sabah. For CNY? Well, mostly no. It's mostly because I have to finish the recording. I think I've mentioned about this so many times already in my Facebook. Therefore, I will not talk further about it here. Nanti org ckp "Minta puji."

Well, I can't believe so many good things happened to me. I can't even think of one problem that I'm having right now other than a few problems regarding my study, which is totally normal, up to the point that I think it's not even a problem anymore. 

I do have one problem. My HAIR. My hair is giving me so much pressure lately. My closest friend told me the other day that I am seriously unlucky and will stay unlucky forever unless I cut my hair short. What? Cut my hair? Are you kidding me? Sda pendek pun rambut sy. Buat pa mw gunting lagi? "Well, tell that to that Kakak Guard over there," my friend said. 

Adoi, I hate it. My hair is not even long now that I've already cut it two days ago. But still kena tahan jugak d gate UiTM. It's so unfair. Well, it's always unfair for those who get busted by the UiTM guards. Siapa yg x kena tangkap tu untung lah. Selalunya yg selalu lepas tu golongan-golongan Awww (I hope you guys know what I mean. Don't make me explain). I don't know what happened but those beautiful men with blonde and long hair slalu lalu lalang di gate sewenang-wenangnya tanpa kena saman oleh security guards. Maybe I should pretend like a pondan while entering the gate. By doing so, I might be safe. Hehe! Alangkah beruntungnya.

Apparently, I'm not one of the lucky ones. I think the security guards might have some unfinished business with me, especially the Kakak. That's why dia selalu tahan sy. Or, maybe she likes me. By doing that, she can talk to me and, and, and you know the rest of the story. Haha! No way. Let's just conclude that I have the worst luck when it comes to hair. Moral of the story, wear skull cap while entering the faculty.

So, basically, that's the only problem that I have now. But since I am a 'good' student, I don't give a damn about it. Would love to tell this to the Kakak but I don't have the guts, "Remember, karma is a bitch. Kalo kakak suka sgt tahan-tahan students, suatu masa nnt u'll also get busted by the Police."

OK, next story. This is a story about one of my friends. His name is Tom (bukan nama sebenar). He told me that he wants to be a metrosexual guy. Haha! Sounds funny, I feel like laughing my guts out. But he looks so serious and determined. So, he asked me so many things for example question like, "What should I wear?", "Do I have to buy a deodorant?", "Is this L'Oreal Menexpert good enough for me?" "What colour suits me well?", "Should I shave?" etc. 

Well, my dear friend, I don't know. It's up to you. If you think you don't need a deodorant, then you don't have to buy. I (like most of the other guys) am not that metrosexual. Sometimes, I feel bad because I laughed too much when he asked those questions. But I couldn't help it, because it was funny. Anyway, my friend, keep on taking care of yourself. It's actually good for you in so many aspects.

Before I go to sleep (I'm kinda sleepy already), I wanna ask you a question. How to know if someone is really sincere when he or she asks you for forgiveness? I don't know exactly why I asked this question. Maybe it's a rhetorical question. Maybe you don't have to answer. Few weeks ago, my friend and I were having a conflict. We both didn't speak to each other for the whole day until he came to see me and apologized. He cried and I was very sure that those tears that fell down from his eyes are genuine. No one could ever fake that tears unless he or she is a very good actor/actress. Or unless I'm a bad observer. What I like about conflict is that it makes your relationship with your friends (or whoever) grows stronger and closer once the conflict has been settled.

OK. Guys, I got a plane to catch. Gotta sleep now. See you soon. Oh and by the way, HAPPY CNY and Valentine's Day!!

Love Your Mother

As I was browsing through some blogs, I found this post on Tuah Cendana @ Azrai's blog [LINK] . The story is so sad and heartbreaking. I could never understand the sad feelings of a rejected mother.


[SUBANG JAYA 21 Jan] Sudah tiga tahun, Tumi Wongsoruju tidak bertemu anak perempuan tunggalnya yang membawa diri tanpa sebarang berita ke Semenanjung.

Jarak yang jauh ditambah pula dengan kesempitan hidup, membuatkan wanita berusia 52 tahun yang tinggal di Kuching, Sarawak itu tidak berupaya mencari anak kesayangannya.

Namun kerinduan yang tidak tertanggung lagi, akhirnya mendorong Tumi berhutang dengan saudara-mara bagi membeli tiket penerbangan ke Kuala Lumpur untuk menjejaki anaknya.

Berbekalkan duit poket RM150 dan alamat sebuah kawasan perumahan di Serdang dekat sini, dia menyusuli anak perempuannya itu.

Membuang rasa malu dan takut, Tumi yang berasal dari Taman Duranda Emas di Jalan Kuching - Serian memberanikan diri menagih simpati orang ramai untuk membantu mencari rumah anaknya yang berusia 33 tahun.

Setelah puas bertanya, dia yang tiba di Semenanjung kelmarin berjaya menemui anak kesayangannya itu hasil bantuan orang ramai dan anggota dari Balai Polis Seri Kembangan, malam tadi.

Namun, perasaan teruja dan gembira bertemu anak yang cukup dirindui bertukar menjadi kenangan pahit yang tidak mungkin dilupakan sepanjang hayatnya.

Tumi bukan sahaja dihalau bahkan tidak diakui sebagai ibu oleh anak perempuan dan menantunya.

Biarpun bersungguh-sungguh meyakinkan mereka dengan menunjukkan sijil kelahiran anaknya, wanita itu dan suaminya tetap berkeras enggan mengaku Tumi sebagai ibu.

Terkilan dengan sikap anaknya itu, Tumi yang tidak mempunyai saudara-mara di sini akhirnya berputus asa dan bersetuju mengikut anggota polis ke Balai Polis Seri Kembangan.

Simpati dengan nasib Tumi, wartawan Utusan Malaysia dan Kosmo! bersama jurugambar sepakat berkongsi mengeluarkan wang untuk membeli tiket penerbangan dan duit belanja bagi membolehkan dia pulang ke kampung halamannya hari ini.

Dengan kerjasama anggota dari Balai Polis Seri Kembangan, Tumi berjaya mendapat tiket penerbangan pulang ke Kuching menaiki pesawat AirAsia pukul 7.40 malam ini.

Sementara itu, Tumi ketika ditemui dengan berlinangan air mata memberitahu, selain mengubati kerinduan, tujuan dia datang ke Semenanjung adalah untuk memujuk anaknya itu supaya pulang bersamanya ke Kuching.

Katanya, ini bagi menyelesaikan urusan tuntutan hak penjagaan cucu lelakinya hasil perkahwinan anak perempuannya itu dengan suami pertama.

"Sebelum berkahwin dengan suami sekarang, anak saya pernah mendirikan rumahtangga dengan seorang lelaki berketurunan Bidayuh."

"Mereka mempunyai seorang anak yang kini berusia 13 tahun. Kanak-kanak itu dijaga oleh saya selama 11 tahun sebelum diambil oleh bekas menantu yang mendakwa sudah memeluk Islam selepas mereka bercerai," katanya.

Tumi berkata, dia nekad menuntut hak penjagaan cucu kesayangannya itu kerana bimbang akidah kanak-kanak itu terpesong memandangkan cucunya kini tinggal bersama keluarga bekas menantunya yang beragama Kristian di Kampung Tijirak, Kuching.

Katanya, anak perempuannya itu merupakan anak tunggalnya hasil perkahwinan dengan suami pertama. Perkahwinannya dengan arwah suami kedua yang merupakan bekas tentera berasal dari Lenggong, Perak, tidak dikurniakan cahaya mata.

Tumi yang tinggal seorang diri dan menghidap sakit buah pinggang memberitahu, mereka tidak pernah berselisih faham namun dia terkejut apabila anaknya menghilangkan diri bersama suami barunya ke Semenanjung tiga tahun lalu dan langsung tidak menghubunginya sehingga kini.

"Biarpun sedih mengenangkan anak kesayangan yang dikandung selama sembilan bulan enggan mengaku saya sebagai ibu tetapi saya tetap memaafkannya dan berharap dia kembali ke pangkuan saya satu hari nanti."

"Malah, saya ada membawa sepasang baju kurung baru dan sehelai selendang untuk dihadiahkan kepadanya," katanya yang tidak dapat menyembunyikan rasa terkilan dengan kejadian itu.


I'd like to say this to the ungrateful daughter: 

"Shame on you BITCH for ditching you mother. I hope you'll get what you deserve soon. Your mother should never have suffered giving birth to you. GO TO HELL!!" 

Followed by a flying kick on her face.


If you read my previous post, I've mentioned something about me having a plan. Now I'd like to talk about it.

I'm sure (not really that sure) by now most of you guys (I hope) know that singing is my passion. I love singing so much that I'd die to do it for the rest of my life, although sometimes I feel that it's not worthy. Anyways, I have a plan regarding this thing. 

My plan is, I want to form a group or band or whatever you guys call it. I'm not good at playing any musical instruments but I can learn. I'm thinking of learning to play piano and guitar. 

What do you think? Anyone wants me to join their group/band? Anybody wants me? Or, anybody wanna join me? How about a vocal group? 

[Thinking for a while]

After considering so many things, I find it very difficult to actually manage a group/band. It needs lots and lots and lots of commitments and sacrifices. I don't think I'm ready for that.

Well, apparently I have to re-think about this plan. Don't want to get too excited that it leads me to destruction. However, my passion in singing will never die (until the day I lost my voice). Hehe.

Let's do a recap of what I've been doing so far (in singing of course). Hee.

This was during KPM concert at PWTC last year. It was awesome.

This was during KAGUM singing competition in 
Bandar Penawar, Johor. 
Also last year.

This was during our TESL Night. 
A performance especially dedicated to my friends. 
Song: Believe by Dima Bilan.

One of the funniest performances ever.

The title of the song is Bukan Cinta Biasa. 
I friggin love this song.

A duet with Usal @ Jon Gavis. 
He's one of the talented local singers in Sabah.

The newest one. I love this song (Sampai Syurga). 
And I'm a big fan of Faizal Tahir.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Two Killer Moves For A Flat Tummy

As I was browsing through Yahoo, I found this link, says Two Killer Moves For A Flat Tummy. The title is so catchy, good enough to make me want to open the page.

So the article is of course about how to get a flat abs. I'm not sure if this article is dedicated especially only for women because I didn't see men in the photos. But I suppose what 's good for women must also be good for men, right? That's what I think. Huhu.

Anyways, this article is good for future reference, in case if I need it. Well, to read the original article, go to this [LINK] .


Killer Move: The Plank

Goal: To condition your entire core.

Frequency: Four times a week.
- Get into a push-up position with your forearms on the floor.
- Lift your legs and torso up off the ground so that only your toes and the flats of your forearms remain on the floor.

- Keeping your back neutral and your belly button pulled in, hold this position for 20-60 seconds.

- Repeat for 3-5 sets.

Killer Move: Butterfly Abs

Goal: To work your deep abs while getting a flat, sexy stomach.

Frequency: Four times a week.

- Sit comfortably on a gym mat or carpet with your legs crossed. Using your arms to support you, slowly lie back until your body is flat, keeping your legs crossed.
- Place your hands under the nape of your neck for support. Inhale through your nose, and raise your chest a few inches off the floor while exhaling through your mouth. Your chest should be moving up toward the ceiling, not bending forward to your knees. This should be a smooth, controlled motion.
- Repeat 25 times, and as you progress, move up to 50 times.
- Tip: Do not push your head with your hands as this puts you at risk of injuring your neck. The purpose of your hands is to keep your head in alignment with your back and shoulders. You don't want to curve your back.

I don't know why. I feel so happy today. I want to feel happy everyday. 

12/02/2010 : 2207

I have nothing to do. I was shocked when I logged in to my blog just to find out that I have new followers. Yeay! Thanks guys. Well, the follow-my-blog thingy is not something that I really care to bother about but recently, I feel that having many followers makes me feel good about my blog. What I'm trying to say here is, it encourages me to write more and more and more and more and more, and that's a good thing for me, right? Hihi.

[Stop writing about 20 minutes]

Hehe. Our McD order has arrived. I ordered Big Mac and McD Nuggets. I'm not really a big fan of McD but in times like this, it is the only way out of hunger. The Kakak Cafe didn't open her food stall because everyone here in Cendana college have already went back to their hometown for CNY, especially the Chinese. There are some food corners outside but it requires you to walk about 10 minutes which is somewhat hard to do because we are too damn lazy. Haha. Therefore, we decided to call for McD delivery. And now the foods are here. Yummy! Everything looks delicious when you're hungry. 

I'll be going to LCCT tomorrow at 1350. I'm going back home. I'm excited. I'll be doing several things such as  finishing the recording of my song. Can't wait to hear it. And hopefully, more opportunities will come into my way. Gosh, I'm so damn excited.

Actually, I have a plan. But I'll talk about it in my next post, soon.